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Domaine des Geneves Chablis 1e Cru "Mont Milieu" 2020

Domaine des Geneves Chablis 1e Cru "Mont Milieu" 2020

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Grape variety

New wine!

Burgundy wines are named after their region, village or small vineyard where they are located. In this case, the name Chablis indicates that the wine originates from the most northern vineyard of Burgundy, around the village called Chablis. All wines from Burgundy, almost without exception, are made from only one grape variety. In case of the most prestigious white wines, this is always Chardonnay. With the words Premier Cru, the grapes are classified. In fact, it means that these are traditional high quality wines. Only about 10% of the wines produced in the Burgundy can be classified as Premier Cru.

Taste description
A compact and generous wine with a long finish. The palate is rich with flavours of roasted and buttery nuts, while the aromas of honey and gingerbread provide a luscious touch. The mineral character is perfectly balanced with fruity notes, such as citrus, green apple and more riper tropical fruits.

Food pairing
This wine pairs perfectly with white meat but also with the exotic kitchen, seafood dishes such as scallops and shrimps and of course the ultimate: oysters.

* Vintage may vary without prior notice of our suppliers

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