New: Zenato wines

This was an amazing week so far with a lot of enthusiastic feedback on the launch of our new wine list. Orders from both new- and old members of our community came in and the comments received via WhatsApp were heart-warming.

At the same time we received a lot of positive feedback on our Amarone wines and a surprising lot of you requested if we also had access to the Amarone wines of the iconic Zenato. We checked with our suppliers from overseas and are thrilled to bring you 3 new additions to our list. Zenato is a well known-name in the international wine scene and appraised for their beautiful wines. The family run winery scores an average 4.1 on Vivino which is outstanding and they were awarded at the Decanter World Wine awards with a golden medal for the Amarone Riserva Sergio 2016 (best in class).

We do have a special discount code this shipment for the subscribers that joined our community. Want to be part of it, simply subscribe and send us an email at to get the discount code.

The pallet is almost half full so don't wait too long with your order.


Team Red Wine Dot

*Red Wine Dot update 21-01-2023*