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Spiegelau Decanter Casual (1.4 ltr)

Spiegelau Decanter Casual (1.4 ltr)

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Having more than five centuries of experience in the production of high-quality glassware is an impressive advantage, yet it is only the foundation of the daily work at Spiegelau. Providing the wine drinker a broad range of premium glasses requires more than production skills and product quality in the traditional sense.

Spiegelau optimises every single glass product to meet the highest standards in terms of functionality and aesthetics and they employ cutting-edge industrial processes to guarantee a high level of durability, instant availability, and attractive pricing.

With the high quality standards and strict controls Spiegelau ensures the satisfaction of the ideal wine drinking experience âašat the restaurant and at home.

The 1.4ltr Casual Entertaining decanter is perfect for everyday use. The lead-free crystal and wide surface area allow for perfect aeration to compliment your wine. The large bowl creates the ultimate aerating system to compliment any wine. The decanter aerates your wine and stimulates the oxidation process which triggers the release of more aroma compounds, all for a better tasting experience.

- Lead-free crystal
- Thin, laser-cut and polished rim
- High breakage resistance and dishwasher safe
- Brilliant clarity
- Maximum diameter: 13.65 cm (5 3/8")
- Height: 24 cm (9 1/2")
- Capacity: 1400 ml (1.4 ltr)

    * Vintage may vary without prior notice of our suppliers

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