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Amaregis Amarone Riserva DOCG 2018

Amaregis Amarone Riserva DOCG 2018

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Grape variety

The Amaregis Amarone della Valpolicella from Cielo e Terra is a masterpiece of vinification, embodying the essence of traditional Italian winemaking. Its ruby red hue, enriched with garnet-red swirls, hints at the depth and complexity of this exquisite wine. Crafted from the Corvina Veronese grape, this Amarone Riserva undergoes a unique process: after harvest, grapes are air-dried for 3-4 months, then fermented for thirty days, and finally matured for four years in oak barrels, epitomizing the charm of Old World wines.

Tasting notes
On the nose, the Amaregis Amarone offers a harmonious blend of blackcurrant, dried apricot, and fig, complemented by a fine, spicy bouquet. The palate is a continuation of these sensory delights, marked by fruity and spicy characteristics. Vanilla, cinnamon, and dried fruit notes create a symphony of flavours, while the full-bodied nature of this wine is accentuated by its velvety texture and prolonged finish.

Food Pairing
Served ideally at 15-18°C, the Amaregis Amarone della Valpolicella pairs beautifully with robust culinary creations. It is a perfect companion to grilled steaks, strong cheeses, and game, enhancing and complementing the flavors of these dishes.

* Vintage may vary without prior notice of our suppliers

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