Vivino: a guide or a hard-and-fast rule?

Vivino: a guide or a hard-and-fast rule?

How frustrating can it be when it comes to bringing a bottle of wine to a party and not knowing if it's a good choice? In the past, it's happened to us too! Thankfully, we all have Vivino around, although it made things both easier and harder. Easier because it provides a reliable guideline for selecting wine, and harder because you can no longer pass off your not-so-great bottles to unsuspecting hosts.

When we first arrived in Singapore, we were surprised to find that, at every dinner party we attended, the host would consult Vivino to determine if the wine we brought was any good. It was a bit of a shock to the 20+ years of wine experience, but it highlighted the importance of this platform in the Singapore market. We definitely had to include Vivino scores at Red Wine Dot.

Are you the last person in Singapore that never heard of Vivino? Well, know it’s a comprehensive online platform that offers access to a vast database of wine information, including tasting notes, ratings, and reviews. Its extensive network of wine enthusiasts actively review and rate wines, making it a reliable source of information. Plus, its AI-powered wine recommendation engine helps users find the right wine based on their preferences.

At Red Wine Dot we use Vivino (together with desk research and recommendations from our suppliers' wine experts) to come to the best wine selection for our wine list. We have access to a range of over 2000+ wines, and this way of working ensures that we offer a high quality range with a confirmed appreciation level by ourselves, other wine experts and consumers.  

The wines on Vivino rated between 3.6 and 4 are classified as "very good value". This means that these wines offer a high-quality taste experience at a reasonable price point. On the other hand, wines rated 4 and above on Vivino are considered to be exceptional and are highly recommended. The maximum score a wine can receive on Vivino is 5 but you see hardly ever a rating of 4.5 or higher (for an affordable wine).

Although most data is consumer driven, you shouldn't always trust everything you see on Vivino. Sure, it's a great app for wine enthusiasts, but Vivino gets its information from various sources like wine retailers, distributors, and even random individuals. The prices may not always be up-to-date or reliable. Also, they can differ depending on where you are and who you're buying from. For instance, the prices you see on Vivino might be retail prices, but if you go to a restaurant or hotel, they will have a different price for the same wine. 

We think it's important to remember that wine preferences are subjective, and everyone has different taste. Vivino's ratings are a great starting point to select a wine but use them as a guide rather than a hard-and-fast rule. In fact, we believe that wines scored below 4 still can be outstanding wines. Different occasions call for different wines with varying taste profiles, complexities, and intensities. In the end it's all about finding what suits your own taste buds best.
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